Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Bday- 37 yrs old!

Ok, so I feel like an old lady! I turned 37 years old on 4/14. I had a fun birthday. My friends to me out to The Good Egg to eat. I had a strawberry salad with a raspberry walnut dressing. Kauai surprised me and came home early from work with presents. I had a cinnamon roll for my birthday cake which was a yummy treat since I am on a no sugar plan right now for my health. Thursday, Matt (my bro) and Amy, along with Kauai and Ness (my sis) took me to my favorite resturant, Pizzeria Bianco which is famous here in Phx for specialty italian wood fired pizza. We ordered 4 different ones and 2 of one kind we all like.(they are plate size each). I will describe them: 1. red sauce, fresh basil leaves and fresh mozzarela (very scant amt) 2. homemade fennel sausage, sauted onions, small amount of white cheese. 3. 3 types of white cheese with fresh argula lettuces on top 4. pitaschios, red onion and parmesan cheese. Kauai rang in to some girls he knew from college. I will get their names when I see him later today and Matt ran in to some residents he is over at St joe's. It was fun and we enjoyed the quaint atmosphere. Matt arrived at 3:10 pm to get in line for us. The place does not open until 5 pm. When he got there, even two people were ahead of him. It is crazy the wait at this place. After we were seated, we heard them telling the end of the line that is was a 5 hour wait!!!!!!! They do take reservations but you have to call about 3 months in advance and it is only for a party of 6-10. Next year we will call ahead and plan. This is the 2nd year we have come here for my bday. It is worth the hassle!

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Matt & Amy said...

Oh my goodness..I am sorry about the cookies! I had no idea you were not eating sugar. It was a fun time.

holly said...

no worries, I had a yummy cookie anyway since it was my bday!!!!